Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas dinners and holiday breaks :)

4 more days to Christmas, I can't wait to Christmas  Eve and Christmas Day. I've had such a brilliant time, celebrating Christmas with friends and colleagues. I had a wonderful dinner with INTO staff and teachers last week. Not only having good Christmas food, there was such a nice night to chat and build relationship with all the people I work with. We all had such a lovely evening and I couldn't get it enough :">

You will never stop eating and celebrating in the season of greetings :P I also spent a whole evening cooking and having Christmas feast with my friends. It was fantastic!!!! Lots of laughter and jokes <3

I have 3 week holiday for Christmas and New year which I have to take spend them brilliantly. exams right after New Year :( but anyway, i am gonna make the most of my holiday enjoying and experiencing the time here. 2-3 day breaks don't ruin the results, do they ? :D

Oh, another thing is it hasn't snowed in Belfast just yet :) Well, should I cheer up or should I be sad? The bright side is it's not that cold this winter in comparison to last year. However, I would love a white Christmas which is very very very beautiful <3. Anyway, I always love Christmas, the best time of the year !!!!

Have a lovely Christmas and happy New Year, everyone!!!!

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